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Lutte Electorale. Les candidats libéraux sont indigués en bleu, les catholiques en rouge et les socialistes en Italique.

Kronheim - BT 193 - BT 204 – The Itinerant Musician, Blind Man’s Buff, The Washerwoman, The Dog Begging, Sacred Maidens, The Dead Pet, The Pet Dog, Wild Fruits, The Doves, The Playful Kitten, A Fierce Goose, Picking Hops

Kronheim BT 333 – 340 as listed by the Baxter Times in the 1920’s. 8 PRINTS on one complete sheet, most probably printed for the French market, many ‘comical’ scenes such as Situation Perilleuse, Le Pecheur D’Istrait all with titles in…

"printed in oil colours by G. Baxter, the inventor and patentee"
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