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  • Collection: Broadside ballads from the 18th until the 20th Century

Gewählte melodien gesetzt für Ocarina mit schule. Neuestes Ital. Instrument. Mélodies populaires

Special du nouvel instrument pour tous le monde. Methode L'ocarina

I wish I was single again, The Ticking of the Spider. Home once more. Tell the old woman you've lost it.

I wish I was single again
Won't you buy my pretty flowers
Down by the river
Maid and the magpie
The mulbery…

Songs of the season. Oh Fred tell them to stop. Oh! Joe, the Boat's going over, don't go yet, I'm just beginning to like you.

I looked for her in the Market
Parrot and the old arm chair
Found with the slain
The Little Plain…

Liedeken van de Wreedheid van eene stiefmoeder

Vlaamsche Comedie. Zingt tot dat gy het moê zyt

Kluchtig liedeken van den Bult

Oorlogsbevoeling. Kluchtlied over den Rus en den Turk

Nieuw Liedeken van…

Adiet a M'camarad'
Air: si loin

Mi P'tite Fahette
Air: Laissez les roses au rosiers

Het spleetje van 't gordijn. Romance

Ik bemin u niet meer. Romance
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